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by AngeInk

The opening line interested me, mostly on how it made the character seem as though he/she was forgetful about things, adding about an o...


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I know last time that I had only asked for 100 points, but after figuring out how much each point costs (which is $.01, almost like how 100 Nepalese rupees is $1), 1000 seems more reasonable.

As for how I'm going to spend it, I'll most likely be giving it to other artists that need it more. Maybe I'll buy some pretty art for myself, but otherwise, it's going to be donated to others that need the points more. For example, I just noticed someone was asking for commissions to pay for an important surgery for her dog. I wouldn't buy art from him/her (don't really need art right now), but I would donate instead.

Again, I don't have a job and neither will my parents let me buy this sort of thing, so paying for points is out of my way. Thank you. :)

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“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”
--J.M. Barrie
Our Secret Harbor by Foxfires

    Fourteen years.

    That is how long the Dark Lord has been gone. How long it has been since his Dark Mark burned. How long it has been since he had a disturbed night out with his family. That would explain why when he felt the searing sensation on his left arm, he froze in terror. Not only did he pack his Death Eater garb away in an Accio-proof trunk hidden in the attic (in case some amateur Auror decided to search his home, especially after the World Cup incident), but he and Narcissa also had dinner plans with Narcissa’s mother, Druella Black, at a high-end Wizarding restaurant that required two-month reservations. Because the Dark Lord was necromanced, (if the griling Dark Mark was to be considered), reservations were to be canceled and two women well-known for fiery tempers when upset will be after him.

    Internally panicking, he closed the armoire with a loud bang, made for the door of the master bedroom, rushed down the hallway, pushed a house-elf that had been heading towards the room he just left, ran on the attic stairs, and went to the location of the aforementioned trunk-

    -which was not there.
















    During the entire exchange, Lucius had been descending the stairs (which are in desperate need of polishing) while loudly exclaiming (not shouting because Malfoys do not shout in their own homes) at his wife. Narcissa was storming her way through the hallway, looking everything like a spurned woman (even though veela would be a more accurate description, Malfoys do not compare Pureblood family members to mere beasts).


    “More like if YOU disobey! I washed my hands of all this Dark Lord business those years ago so then we could peacefully raise Draco and you’re about to drag all of us into this again!”

    “Why do you think we have made this far in the Wizarding society?” he questioned, gesticulating at the entirety of the hallway. “Riches! Reputation! Connections! We have all because of MY deep involvement with the Dark Lord’s plans before he was dissolved by that Potter brat!”

    “On the other hand, almost all of it was gone because of the mistake you made at the World Cup, even though I clearly told you not to do so,” she mutter back in reply.

    He made a move to his back-talking wife, but was stopped when he heard a, “Master?” from behind. He turned around, about to smite the house-elf that dared to interrupt, when he noticed the bedraggled creature holding something black, flowing, and topped with a familiar white mask.

    His Death Eater clothes.

    “You… uh… asked me to clean the robes this morning since you had noticed that… uh… the robes were filthy from your misadventures at the outing last summer…”


    Well then.

    Ignoring his wife’s hole-burning glare, he stalked over to the house-elf, snatched the clothes from it’s grasp, and slid on the robes.

    “Owl the restaurant and your mother to let them know that due to unforeseen circumstances, dinner will have to be moved to another date and time,” he said frigidly, pulling his mask down before Apparating to the graveyard.

(Attached is the beauty that got me into this whole mess. Credit goes to whoever took the screenshot.)

Malfoy Frozone by SilentObserver14

May 16th, 1993

"What are you going to do after graduating from Hogwarts?"

The question catches me off guard, almost causing the heavy tome used for Potions to drop on the boy's head in my lap. Then again, he could most likely levitate it away from his face and deposit it onto the perpetually green grass next to us effortlessly.

"I-I do not know," comes as a response, shaky and insecure. "I never really thought about it, just about exams and such."

A gentle chuckle floats in the air, causing me to redden slightly.

"Hey!" I say in indignation, closing the book with a loud clap. "It is not like the Hogwarts curriculum gives us a career class or anything of the sort, just some advice a few weeks before the OWLS exams to "help us find the right path."" The last part is quoted directly from a bland black-printed pamphlet passed out yesterday during Transfiguration.

"So what was your "advice" from Professor Sprout?" he says with a mocking air, his green eyes meeting blue ones as he looked up.

"The usual," I say, setting down the heavy book close to my right side before leaning back on small pale hands. ""Apply for a job in the Ministry, they have a plethora of occupations that would suit you,"" I mimic, saying in verbatim what the Herbology professor had suggested. The Ravenclaw boy lying down barely suppresses a chortle, disguising it as a cough before smiling.

"And you, Alec?" I ask, curious as to what his given advice was.

"If you must know, Alice," he sighs, starting to sit up. "Father had written ahead to let her know that I, as the sole immediate heir of the Bennett lineage, "cannot afford to waste time thinking about so-called careers when an occupational career has already been chosen." Ugh, as if I want to spend time running the family estates and trading business." He rolls his eyes upwards to the slightly shaggy blonde hair dangling right above his eyebrows.

I barely hide a grin, agreeing with him silently. While the trades business does sound interesting, filling out paperwork does not seem to suit the active person I am currently conversing.

"But what do you want to do after graduation?" I query, repeating the question he had given at the beginning.

"Touché," he responds, but answers anyway.

"I want to travel, not on some boring one-way ship, but see everything," arrives moments later as a conclusion to the inquiry.

"You want to see even the freezing Arctic Circle? I am sure that penguins are interesting to look at," I tease.

Alec gives a mock gasp, slapping a hand over the heart hidden by a midnight-hued jumper.

"Are you saying," he says slowly, almost in disbelief. "The great curious Alice is not curious as to what penguins look like?"

"I already went there last summer," I respond, matter-of-factly. "They just waddled around, pecking each other to death while I had to use many heating charms."

He whistles, low and admiring.

"Wow, must be wonderful to live without adults telling you what to do."

"True, but it gets lonely sometimes…" I manage to respond before trailing off, thinking about the time where I did live with someone who cared before succumbing to paid hallucinations.

The Ravenclaw boy must have noticed my expression because he lowers his hand almost solemnly before parroting my position, our fingers almost touching.

"I-I did not mean that," he stutters out, all fun and games gone.

"I know you did, and I understand what you mean," I reassure him, collaborated with a weary smile. "It is tiring to hear someone tell you how to be responsible and follow this and that all the time when you already deal with it at school. It is just that, well," I could not finish my sentence. Instead, I stared out over the hills.

"Well," he prompts.

"…I think it would be nice if someone watched every step I took to make sure I did not do anything reckless."


"…but we could for each other."

I turn my head so quick that thick tendrils of black fell out of the messy bun my hair had been wrestled into this morning, my mouth, and eyes gaped wide. He gives a shrug, almost careless, as he avoids my stare.

"Well, it is not like anyone back home really cares about me other than someone who will inherit the family fortune and you have no one. We might as well watch out for each other."


"No, I will make sure th-"


"I am sure grandfather would no-"

"You are not lis-"

"Of course, there is the tedious paperwork invo-"


Now it is his turn to glare at me for pulling a Silencing Charm on him.

"As I was saying," I continue, poking my wand at him as a reminder for why he was spelled into silence. "What will happen if either of us died young? Have you ever thought that through? If we try to commit something like this right now, without any idea as to what we will do as adults, then you might as well be writing your will, especially you! Just because you are a Ravenclaw student with Gryffindor parents does not mean you can go off on adventures without caution to the wind. You need to be practical and think things through and not be a hothead before you and I can really keep an eye out for each other. I mean, how can you even take care of me if you cannot take care of yourself?"

I stop, heaving slightly from my rant. He raised an eyebrow, almost as if he is asking, "Are you done yet?" I mutter a counter spell for the charm and he takes it for granted by talking all at once.

"I was not talking about now! I meant to say it as a proposal of sorts that will start after we graduate, for goodness sakes! Since there are other relatives in the family who could take up the lineage, when I am seventeen, I can abdicate and take a small portion of the family fortune (I inwardly snort at this, more like money I can never make on my own in millions of years) to go off adventuring without having someone practically nanny me. While it is not everyone's favorable solution, it is one that will give me, give us, freedom. Freedom to be who we are meant to be, not just the Ravenclaw boy who met a Hufflepuff girl and had a brief fling – or whatever you call this – before he went off to lead a family empire while she visited the world and sent owls every six months and never visited! I do not care if I have to wait months, days, or even, Merlin forbid, years to make your decision; I want to spend it with you, my best friend, the girl who did not make fun of me, the rich boy who spelled "manoeuvre" wrong. The girl who told off the Slytherin bully for misspelling "youth" and needed to go back to Year 1. I need to spend it with you, Alice Carter."

For several moments, awkward quiet stretches out between us, despite how close we are. Like an eggshell, it only took carefully weighted words to break it.

"As much as I want to accept your offer, I cannot right now."

At first, he looks frustrated and about to explode.

"Not right now," I remind him, causing his eyes to widen.

"So… you will consider it?" he says, cautious that I am pulling a joke on him.

I nod.

His face breaks out into a smile and it seems as though rainbows have been found in the English backdrop of Hogwarts.

"I-I a-am s-sure y-you w-will n-not r-regret i-it!" he cheerfully stutters in excitement, standing up before he starts to hoot and holler. I blush madly, embarrassed at the thought of any member of Hogwarts's faculty or student population looking and seeing my friend acting like a complete loon. He stops, picks me up from the ground, and spins us around in a dizzying circle while I shriek at him to put me down. Eventually, he stops.

"You," I pant from the fast actions that recently took place, "are going to make me die young if you keep this up!"

He grins, carefree as a dog.

"In that case, you should learn how to be more adventurous if you are going to join me!"

"I only sai-"

"You are going to say yes and you know it!" he sang. "Oh, I am going to pen this moment in my imaginary diary right this very minute!"

He starts to run back to the castle and stops for a minute, as if he has forgotten something. Then he rushes back to me and, without any sort of warning, plants a kiss on my cheek. I feel what must be a heated red bloom from the very spot where his lips had touched.

"Thank you," he whispers, almost reverently, before he starts for the castle again, whooping all the way and leaving me behind confused and stunned as someone who looked into the Basilisk's eyes through a reflection.


May 6th, 1998

I stand alone on a hillside, bare but for the grass and sprout planted there to mark the spot. The war ended four days ago, but I cannot just leave Hogwarts, my only home after years of living with a witch addicted to opium who was not even my real mum. I sit down next to the baby plant, not caring that my black mourner's dress is most likely going to be ruined, and stare out to the view I had looked at four years ago. A time before the OWLS and NEWTS were completed. Back before marriages and adoptions occurred, along with disownments and paperwork.

My hand skims over the golden band on my left hand, still just as shined and clean as the day Alec had proposed in the middle of the Arctic ("Penguins do waddle, but as much as I find them adorable, they are not as beautiful as the woman I am currently holding a ring out to and risking hypothermia for!"). Another hand covers it, stopping it from moving. I tilt my head up to see Alec, who had grown drastically over the years.

His hair had been shorn a few days ago so it would not bother him in the Hogwarts battle and he had shot up at least a foot a few years ago, but his eyes are still the same as ever and his expression never changed, even in such a serious moment such as this.

"Ready to go?" he asks. "After all, we do have some more things to see in case we die young of mistakes I highly doubt we will make," he said, summarily reminding me of the brief conversation we had after Hogwarts graduation, right here. He had asked me to come here, waiting with two magically extended tents, a large camera, a bright grin, and an official letter from the Daily Prophet stating that they would love to have me become a member of their newspaper staff, but need photographic proof that I had traveled to at least six countries.

At first, I was against it, but then he brought up how he promised years ago that he was going to keep an eye out for me, claiming this was his way of making sure I did not make any wrong decisions. After a half hour of pleading, whining, and stares from students and parents leaving, I had reluctantly agreed.

The next fortnight had been spent Apparating, taking trains, and going by Floo network to twenty different countries, setting a new record for most places visited by a member of the newspaper staff. Overall, I got my first permanent job in the most exciting way possible.

The only thing I regret about the entire experience is not saying "yes" right away. If anything, it has leaded me to several adoptions of children in need from countries much poorer than Great Britain and a bizarre wedding done successfully with gillyweed and waterproofing spells.

"Yes," I respond to his question, shifting so then our fingers intertwined. "I do believe we have children to pick up from your grandfather's home before heading off to the United States of America. Honestly, I am surprised he has not refused watching our children yet," I comment.

"That is because I am the only relative not after his money, actually has a spine and takes advantage of his youth," he jokes, gently jostling my side. "Not to mention I got lucky and married my wonderfully stunning best-friend-turned-girlfriend, whom he was familiar with."

"Keep it up and I might have to ground you from seeing the Lincoln memorial."

"Are you serious? I give you compliments and you threaten me with a child's punishment?"

"You need to learn when to stop or else someone will think you are up to some-"

"Ah, we need to go or else we will miss our portkey back home!"

"Alec, we are not done having this tal-"

"Just because you promised my parents that you would make sure I did not do anything reckless does not mean you can kiddy me, mom."

"I am not!"

"Oh, give it up, you know you are…"

"Fine, but I get to call shotgun in the cab."

"No fair!"

"Who has the driving directions to our hotel from our meeting spot and can pull at least a million hexes on you?"

"Fair point, although I do not think you would do that on your own husband, who is also your photographer."



Penguins and Silencing Charms
Basically an old fanfic I wrote as a challenge response. Hope you don't mind the sappiness, shortness, and grammar errors I made back then! :)
Just about to upload the oneshot I talked about earlier. :)

I also wrote something a few weeks ago, so might post that as well. :)
German Yogi Tea Box: Hälswarmer
Friend that took German for a number of years: Uh... I dunno
Google Translate: Neck warmer
Google Images: Scarves
Yogi tea bag baggie: Throat Comfort

...and I thought MANDARIN was bad enough
Language Barriers
Europe trip lesson of the day basically. I had gone to a health store in Rothenburg (roe-ten-burg said quickly), Germany and picked a few teas that looked interesting, especially since they had a wide variety of Yogi teas. What I probably should have done for this particular tea box is ask the cashier what the tea was since the whole box was written in German. 

Either way, when I got home, I realized that the box gave no clue WHATSOEVER on what sort of tea it was and didn't want to accidentally open up a bad one. After doing some failed research, I finally decided "You know what? I bought this sh*t, so I'll just have to suffer whatever consequences" and opened up the box. CLEARLY written in English on the bags holding the tea bags were the words "Throat Comfort", so I guess all of my research had been in vain.
  • Reading: Famously in Love
  • Drinking: Tea
Just a thought: would you guys like it if I posted my Harry Potter oneshot to here? It's already up on my Wattpad and FanFiction.Net accounts. I also had a Harry Potter AU Multi-chap going, but I don't even know if I'll continue at this point, so it's going to stay on FanFiction.Net for now. So... thoughts?
  • Reading: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Eating: Whatever's for dinner
  • Drinking: Tea
When it was senior year of high school, did you ever have that moment where you were casually talking about how you weren't going to be home next year, then it slammed into you like a bazillion bricks? And then mentally break down and/or cry until your eyeballs felt like sandpaper? Even though you don't like the people you live with most of the time and want to get out of your personal purgatory?

I just had that. This is the fourth one I've since the beginning of summer, two times during the past week or so. The first time was at Disneyland with my Girl Scout troop because I practically grew up with Disneyland. Second when I left my Girl Scout leader's house after we were done with the trip since two of my closest Girl Scout friends had basically graduated from Girl Scouts. Third was at dinner on Saturday when I was up at Girl Scout camp because again, I grew up with that and I wasn't sure if I was ever going to come back because of the whole Girl Scout graduation thing. I just had one because I was talking to mum about how I wanted to spend Halloween night with my baby cousin since I wasn't going to be here next year. I'm planning on going out-of-state and everything because I need space, but shit. I never realized that it was going to hurt this hard before actually moving out.

Any tips? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have more of these as graduation approaches....


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